Top 10 AI Writing Tools for Business Founders

Harrison ContentMay 11, 2024

As AI gains global traction, numerous applications are available for crafting promotional content, crafting emails, and beyond.

AI Writing Tool
To maintain a competitive edge, particularly if you’re deeply involved in comprehensive SEO or content marketing initiatives, exploring the use of AI writing aids could be beneficial. While large corporations, such as those in the Fortune 500, typically have the luxury of deploying a team of writers to address their content requirements, smaller ecommerce enterprises frequently face resource constraints. The use of generative AI can aid these business proprietors in extending the capabilities of their writing teams, enhancing productivity, and elevating the precision and quality of their content. This is a guide on the functionality of AI writing instruments and selecting the most effective AI content generator to fulfill your business and promotional objectives. 

What are AI writing tools?

An AI writing tool is software designed to generate text in response to prompts provided by users. The objective of such a tool is to emulate text authored by humans so closely that its output is virtually indistinguishable from that produced by people. 

These software tools derive their capabilities from expansive language models (LLMs), which are AI systems developed through training in natural language processing (NLP). NLP is focused on enabling machines to interpret and produce human language. AI writing solutions develop their competence by absorbing vast quantities of textual data, then using either algorithmic rules or statistical approaches to forecast subsequent words in a sequence, taking cues from the prior textual context.

Modern iterations of these systems have advanced to conducting unsupervised learning, marking notable strides in their effectiveness. The team behind ChatGPT, for instance, had their model digest and assimilate information across the expanse of the internet. As these algorithms assimilate more textual content, they autonomously craft rules to facilitate more accurate predictions of words that fit aptly within given contexts.


AI Writing Tool

Advantages of Utilizing AI Writing Tools


  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Content Verification
  • Creative Prompting
  • Content Tailoring


An AI-powered content creator assists in the ideation, production, refining, and condensing of material. Here’s an outline of the positive impact it can have on your content creation process:


Productivity Enhancement

AI-driven content writing applications can craft articles significantly faster than their human counterparts-often within mere seconds. While human oversight is still necessary for input provision, text accuracy confirmation, and bias examination, an AI content helper can boost a company’s ability to swiftly generate top-notch content and scale up production affordably.


Content Verification

AI authors can augment textual uniformity, precision, and grammatical compliance. Many AI platforms also offer services to scrutinize content for duplicate material, as well as to catch typographical and orthographical errors.


Creative Prompting

Certain AI authoring platforms possess the capability to produce a range of content suggestions, proving invaluable when you’re confronted with writer’s block or initiating the brainstorming stage of a project.


Content Tailoring

AI resources can further serve to refine content with SEO in mind, proficiently crafting keyword-rich material or modifying existing text to weave in pertinent keywords and enhance the structure for search engine optimization.


AI Writing Tool

Essential Features of Good AI Writing Tools


  • Capacity of Linguistic Model
  • Command Over Output
  • Simplicity in Operation
  • Affordability


Premier AI content assistants boast precision, effortless interaction, and adaptability. Here’s what sets apart a distinguished AI writing instrument:


Capacity of Linguistic Model

The robustness of any statistical model is proportionate to the size of the dataset it uses; hence, opt for a tool underpinned by a substantial language model (LLM), equipped with extensive data corpora for its training regime.


Command Over Output

Seek out an AI writing assistant that empowers you to tailor output characteristics such as brand voice, emotional tone, structure, and literary style — this can substantially reduce the time spent on editing AI-drafted content. Versatile tools serve various purposes, from emails and content marketing to blogging, promotional copywriting, and even drafting contracts.


Simplicity in Operation

Choose a tool that guarantees a seamless user experience. The leading options facilitate straightforward prompt entries, easy navigation through functionalities, and transparent viewing of reference materials.



AI writing aids come with varying price tags. The ideal choice for your enterprise should align with your promotional spend plan and ultimately save on the expenditure of employing human writers for equivalent scope and calibre of content production.


Best AI writing tools


Selecting the premier AI writing aid for your company hinges on your financial plan, the variety of content needed, and your distinct objectives. To initiate your decision-making journey, here are 10 of the top-tier paid and complimentary tools available:


ClickUp AI

ClickUp AI is an AI-powered content generator and assistant embedded within the ClickUp task management software. This tool is adept at generating a range of materials including biographies, briefs, blog posts, content outlines, copy for landing pages, product descriptions, and case studies. In addition, it provides a suite of productivity-enhancing features like customizable workflow and process templates.



  •  Tailored to facilitate diverse content creation needs
  •  Extensive template collection for streamlining workflow and automating processes
  •  Offers over 1,000 integrations to extend its functionality



  •  Lacks a free version
  •  Accessible only through a paid ClickUp subscription
  •  Offers limited integrations with Slack


Cost: Available at an additional $5 per month on any paid ClickUp plan.



Grammarly acts as both a content generator and a proofreading tool, capable of creating new content, answering questions, and reviewing your existing content for typographical errors, grammatical inconsistencies, plagiarism, or clumsy sentence structures. It provides detailed explanations for errors to foster users’ writing proficiency and can offer and implement corrective measures. The platform is capable of generating specific types of texts based on prompts like “compose an introductory email” or “draft a project update report.” For those interested in testing its capabilities, Grammarly’s free tier allows up to 100 prompt submissions each month.



  •  Availability of a free version
  •  Browser extension for user convenience
  •  Ability to set custom guidelines to meet specific writing needs



  •  The free tier lacks plagiarism detection and style-specific recommendations
  •  Prompt limit capped at 100 for the free version


Cost: Ranges from $0 to $15 per month, depending on the plan.



Writesonic is an AI-powered content creation software grounded in GPT technology, with the free plan leveraging GPT-3.5 and the premium plans utilizing GPT-4. Boasting more than 100 AI-driven template tools, Writesonic emphasizes SEO capabilities, including strategic keyword incorporation. It also provides users the flexibility to dictate source texts for the AI to use when crafting copy.



  •  Offers a complimentary tier
  •  Includes a convenient browser extension
  •  Features a user-friendly design for ease of use
  •  Compatible with Zapier for workflow automation and Surge for collaboration



  •  The free plan is restricted to a monthly limit of 10,000 words


Cost:Pricing varies from $0 to over $500 monthly, contingent on the plan selected.



Rytr is an AI writing assistant with GPT architecture tailored to bolster marketing activities, including article creation, social media content, advertising script, content outlines, and e-newsletters. With multilingual support for over 30 languages, a built-in plagiarism checker, and a selection among more than 20 different writing tones, Rytr stands out for its array of features. Additionally, its free plan provides the unique perk of generating up to five AI-driven images monthly.



  •  Accessibility to a no-cost version
  •  Availability of a browser extension for seamless integration
  •  Inclusion of an AI-powered image creation feature



  •  The freemium tier imposes a cap of 10,000 characters per month
  •  The user experience might not be as polished compared to pricier alternatives in the market


Cost: Pricing ranges from $0 to $29 per month, dependent on the subscription plan.


ChatGPT & ChatGPT+

ChatGPT is a freely accessible, open-source platform fueling numerous top-tier AI writing assistants in the current market. Users can leverage its free offering to produce content directly on the ChatGPT content generation interface. Those opting for the paid tier, ChatGPT+, gain entry to the advanced GPT-4, DALL-E for image generation, as well as added features such as plugins and web-browsing capacities.



  •  No cost and open-source nature
  •  Provision of a browser extension for enhanced accessibility
  •  Availability of APIs for programmatic use and integration



  •  Tends to have subpar performance with languages other than English


Cost:  The pricing spectrum extends from $0 to $20 per month, based on the tier selected.



GetGenie stands out as an AI-powered tool meticulously crafted to synergize with WordPress environments. Its platform prioritizes SEO capabilities, offering users the ability to conduct keyword investigations and competitor analyses. The complimentary version of GetGenie also presents an array of 37 distinct templates tailored for various types of content creation.



  •  Availability of a no-cost tier
  •  Fully compatible with WordPress, making it ideal for WordPress users
  •  Focused provision of SEO-oriented tools and features



  •  The freemium version imposes a monthly cap of 2,500 words


Cost:  Pricing ranges from $0 to $69.30 per month, providing flexibility based on user needs and budget considerations.


Jasper AI

Jasper AI stands as a premium choice among AI writing tools, distinguished by its comprehensive suite of advanced functionalities. It is meticulously engineered to facilitate the content creation journey for creators and businesses alike, enhancing processes from ideation and drafting to editing and proofreading.



  • Supports content creation in more than 30 languages, catering to a global user base.
  • Powered by a variety of Large Language Models (LLMs), ensuring diverse and sophisticated output.
  • Features a user-friendly interface, simplifying the process for users of all skill levels.
  • Provides extensive integration options and custom APIs, offering flexibility and efficiency in workflow customization.



  • Lacks a free version, which might limit accessibility for individuals or small businesses on a tight budget.
  • Positioned at a higher price point compared to many of its competitors, which could be a barrier for some potential users.


Cost:  Pricing for teams ranges from $39 to $99 per month, with bespoke business solutions available upon request, catering to the specific needs of larger organizations or specialized requirements.



HiveMind, the AI writing assistant integrated within the Hive project management platform, extends its capabilities beyond traditional project tracking and collaboration. It’s engineered to generate articles, translate content across languages, and distill information to deliver succinct summaries. With a diverse array of content templates at the user’s disposal—ranging from sales pitches and content outlines to press announcements, web copy, and meta descriptions-HiveMind is designed to streamline and enhance content creation processes.



  •  Seamless integration with the Hive project management system, fostering a unified workflow.
  •  Offers a no-cost version, making it accessible for individuals or teams starting out.
  •  Comes with a browser extension, enhancing convenience and efficiency.



  •  Utilization of HiveMind necessitates an account with Hive project manager, potentially limiting its appeal to those already using or preferring Hive for their project management needs.


Cost: Pricing is approachable, starting from $0 to $12 per month for teams, making it a cost-effective option for small to medium-sized teams. Enterprise solutions are available upon request, providing tailored features and supports for larger organizations with specific requirements.


Hubspot AI Content Writer

The HubSpot AI Content Writer tool exemplifies a zero-cost resource aimed at crafting blog topic suggestions and structures, formulating emails, and composing text passages grounded in user-provided criteria. It embraces SEO attributes and enables users to set the desired tone and complexity suitable for their target audience’s reading proficiency.



  •  Integration with HubSpot’s content management system (CMS) for a streamlined writing and publishing process.
  •  Completely free, offering cost-effective content creation assistance.



  •  At the knowledge cutoff in 2023, the tool is still undergoing public beta testing, which may indicate potential limitations or the need for further refinement.


Cost:  HubSpot AI Content Writer is currently available at no charge.



QuillBot is an AI-powered tool geared toward enhancing existing writing through its efficient rephrasing and summarizing features. It further aids in polishing content by checking for grammatical discrepancies and potential plagiarism. While it isn’t designed to compose complete articles autonomously, it serves as a helpful utility for writers seeking to refine and validate their works’ originality and precision. The premium version offers additional flexibility, enabling users to adjust the length of their text and apply stylistic preferences such as “formal,” “creative,” or “scholarly” modes.



  •  A free tier is available, making it accessible for casual users or those who wish to test the service before committing financially.
  •  Comes with a citation generator, which can be particularly valuable for academic writers and students.
  •  Has a browser extension, enhancing user convenience by integrating with the web browsing experience.



  •  Not suitable for the generation of long-form content from scratch, which may deter users in need of more extensive content creation services.
  •  Language support is limited to English, which may not accommodate users who work with multilingual content.


Cost: QuillBot has a pricing range from $0 to $19.95 per month, providing options for both free and paid tiers that cater to different user needs and budgets.


FAQ on AI Writing Tools


Can I access AI writing tools without charge?

Absolutely. Numerous AI writing tools, including ChatGPT, provide extensive free services that are adept at assisting in the creation of diverse content types for both professional and personal projects.


Is employing AI for writing permitted legally?

Indeed. While certain organizations (like educational institutions) may impose restrictions or demand transparency concerning the use of AI writing aids, there exists no overarching federal law that outright bans these tools.


What criteria should guide me in selecting an appropriate AI writing tools?

Identifying the optimal AI writing tool for your operations hinges on your allocated budget and the precise applications you have in mind. Compile a checklist of the features you consider crucial and the variety of content you aim to produce. Opt for the tool that aligns most closely with your requirements.

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